Who We Are


The School of Early Learning is an outreach ministry of the First United Methodist Church that serves nearly 160 2-5 year old preschoolers. Our mission is to instill in the children a love of God and the foundations of learning. We intend to accomplish this by introducing and developing in children the skills necessary to become a successful member of society through social development, creative endeavors, motor development and academic activities.


We have 7 regular classrooms and 2 classrooms designated for our music, fitness, library, and art classes. Our students attend library, specials and recess. All day students have lunch at school (provided by the family of each all-day student) and a short rest period. We choose to offer lots of opportunity to transition in and out of the classroom and operate each day as close to an elementary school as possible. This will help the children with the transition to the kindergarten classroom.


In addition to our classroom curriculum, we also offer several additional activities for the children as well. Each year we have fall and spring pictures. Our 3-5 year old students take 1-3 field trips each school year. Our Early Learners have a spring concert and our Early Pre-K and Pre-K students have a Christmas Program. We end each school year with a cap and gown graduation ceremony followed by a cookie and juice celebration for our Pre-K students that are moving on to kindergarten!

Looking for more information?  Be sure to contact us at 260.925.2570 or jodie@auburnumc.church.