Summer Blast

Summer Blast: Family Edition (VBS)
Maker Fun Factory 
June 11 - 14 // 6:30 - 8pm 

We're mixing things up and inviting the whole family to this year's Summer Blast program. Each night we will meet in the sanctuary together for an all-ages, interactive worship night that each member of your family can enjoy. No need to worry about your child's wiggles or shouts--it's designed with your kids in mind! At Summer Blast, your family will discover not only that God made you the way you are, but for a purpose too! Maker Fun Factory is filled with incredible Bible-learning experiences to see, hear, touch, and even taste what it means to be a follower of Jesus! Sciency-Fun Gizmos, Skits, and Cool Bible songs are just a few of the standout activities that will help your family's faith flow into every day life. We hope this gives you an opportunity to experience God together as a family, in a new and meaningful way. So come along, and bring your friends too, as we discover God's purpose for our families!